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Team Effectiveness

It's a sad fact that many individuals now have less awareness of the effect that their actions have on others, than in previous generations. We live in a 'Me', not a 'We', generation. This is certainly true in the wider world and increasingly true in the business environment. People question the need to do certain tasks if they can't see any direct benefit to themselves. Ironically, whilst Social Networking is becoming an increasing part of people's social lives, in many workplaces people still prefer to work on their own, keeping the detail of their progress in their heads and not collaborating with their colleagues.

Inefficiency in the workplace has several causes. People may not be properly trained in their roles; their part in the process may not have been defined to them; their roles may overlap with others, causing duplication and wasted effort. Office Politics plays its part in many organisations, which is never helpful to team working effectiveness. A major cause of inefficiency within teams is caused by individuals not understanding their colleagues - what motivates them, their learning styles, their personality traits, what role they prefer in the team.

Effective Efficiency runs a series of workshops which are designed to build a 'We' approach - within the team, across teams, across departments, across the organisation.

These Effectiveness Workshops are tailored to the needs of the individual team or organisation. To get the most benefit from the sessions, the workshops should follow a pattern based on the following:

  1. Pre-preparation - profiling questionnaires
  2. Understanding each other - working together as a team
  3. From Coping to Contributing - basic efficiency concepts and tools
  4. Accelerating forward - more advanced tools
  5. Follow up

These are not academic sessions but a real-world mix of theory, practice and case studies.


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