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Simple Project Management software

If you manage discrete pieces of work (let's call them 'projects', though you might not think of them as such), how would you like to have a simple system which prompts you when you need to do something, which gives you templates to set up those projects that are similar to one another and which tell you exactly what you and your colleagues need to do to hit your deadlines?

If you manage a team of people who work on projects, how would you like to have a simple system which allows you to see the status of each project, traffic-lighted for easy reference and which allows you to drill down to see the details?

ProcessPilot has been designed to assist people who are not trained project managers to run their 'projects'. The system is particularly suitable for marketing projects, which may or may not involve salesforce execution; for HR managers to manage employees' annual appraisals and self-development plans; for Operations managers to manage multiple 'improvement' initiatives; and much more.

ProcessPilot can also be used to document existing repeating processes - 'Finance Month End', for example, or 'The Marketing New Product Development process'. This is especially useful for new or temporary staff - they will have a step by step reference to the process and receive e mail reminders when tasks need to be started. Simple, but very effective!

ProcessPilot is currently in the 'proof of concept' stage.

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