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Internet Marketing

Effective internet marketing

Most of us have an account with one or more of the social network providers, Facebook being the most common in the UK. In the business world, the internet is now a mainstream medium for marketing brands and services. Consumers expect to find their current favourite brands online.
Use of the internet forms part of the overall marketing plan for the majority of brands and there are a growing number of digital agencies who manage this work.

How successful is your internet marketing?

  • If you manage your internet marketing yourself, do you know how many people visit your website and how many of those turn into customers? Do you sell your products on the internet, through an ecommerce site?
    How does your website perform in Google searches?
  • If you work with an agency to manage your internet marketing, how confident are you that your knowledge of terminology, concepts and techniques is sufficient to ensure that you're getting value for money? Would you like to have a greater input into the way that your brands are supporeted on the internet?

Whether you are an SME who manages your own internet marketing of a marketing manager in a large organisation, Effective Efficiency can help you to make more efficient use of the internet.


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