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Process Reviews - Technique: DIDO

Effective Efficiency can help you to review your processes and give you objective insight into how you might go about reducing waste (profit...) and increasing the efficiency of your processes. We use a combination of desk research, interviews and workshops, ensuring that we have the appropriate input from the 'right' people.

When reviewing a process, we follow the DIDO approach - Describe, Improve, Document, Organise:

Through interviews and facilitated workshops, existing employees Describe the current process, including policies and procedures. Any issues are also identified. A Gap Analysis is performed to identify any documents that are missing.
The existing process and documentation are reviewed and the inputs and outputs of each part of the process are analysed. Any duplication is identified and areas for Improvement and/or automation are identified and actioned.
The new process is Documented using a system tool. Any documents used within the process may be attached or linked to the appropriate task.
Once the new process is in place, with associated documentation, it is vital that this is all kept up to date. Process Maps, Policies, Procedures, Templates, etc should be stored in a Document Management System or in a bespoke database. Regular reviews should be diarised and amendments authorised.

This whole process does not need to be expensive and can generate savings for you and provide reassurance to your external auditors.

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