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HR Inductions and Personal Development Plans - How Process Mapping can help

Process Mapping

Inductions for new starters are often arranged on an 'ad-hoc' basis. People who are key to the individual's new role will be included, as will various members of staff who are responsible for general companywide processes - HR, Health & Safety, etc. The new employee will meet many people during his or her first few days and their head will probably be spinning with all of the new knowledge that they've learned by the time they arrive at 5pm on their first Friday.

Process Mapping can assist in the induction process. A generic induction process can be mapped out for all employees, with associated documents attached at the relevant points. Subsets of the process can also be set up for each department or team, so that those organising inductions have a reference to follow. Equally importantly, the new employee has a reference which he or she can refer back to whenever they feel the need.

HR Managers can be assured that all new employees have followed the same approved induction programme and that everything has been covered.

This can be extended to Personal Development Plans (PDPs). Every employee should have a PDP and whilst the detail of these will be specific to the individual, the approach across the company should be common. Mapping the PDP Process ensures that every employee follows the same path, uses the correct documentation and maximises their opportunities to develop themselves for the benefit of both the company and themselves.

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