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1 day interactive workshop:

'Working efficiently with Digital Agencies – the inside track'


Most of us have an account with one or more of the social network providers, Facebook being the most common in theUsing the internet to market brands UK. In the business world, the internet is now a mainstream medium for marketing brands and services. Consumers expect to find their brands of choice (and everything else!) online.
A digital strategy forms part of the overall marketing plan for the majority of organisations and their brands and there are a growing number of digital agencies who manage this work.
It’s a very fast moving environment and can be difficult for a brand manager to stay abreast of new developments. For this reason, there tends to be a reliance on the agencies to shape the internet strategy. Are your managers able to brief a digital agency with confidence?

The workshop

This hands on workshop is designed to give brand managers and business owners a better understanding of current internet developments, with a focus on the benefits/issues attached to the various techniques reviewed.
Delegates will learn some of the ‘tricks of the trade’ used by web developers. How to optimise websites; How to feed one website from another; the future of search engines; creative use of images and videos; filtering content; how to set up a blog; how your customers view your websites; should you be using social networking sites? (and reasons why this might not be such a good idea); the importance of newsletters (and who to send them to). This and much more will be covered during the course of the day.
By having a better understanding of some of the techniques and terminology used by web developers and the constraints imposed upon them, managers will be able to write tighter briefs for their agencies. This, in turn, will reduce misunderstanding (on both sides), reduce wasted effort and, most importantly, feed through to reduced costs.

The 1 day Workshop covers:

  • What is your internet strategy designed to achieve?
  • Terminology
  • The Semantic Web
  • Search Engine Optimisation – what, why, how
  • Should your brand have a blog?
  • Using a Feed Reader
  • To Tweet or Twit?
  • Using free images on the internet
  • Using Online Video
  • Social Networking – pros and cons
  • Writing web copy – considerations
  • Your website – from your customers’ point of view
  • Building a mailing list
  • Email campaigns
  • Rules and Regs (dull but necessary)
  • What your agency needs from you
  • Interactive sessions throughout

Company/Brand specific content may also be added, if required.

This is not a technical session and no IT knowledge is assumed or required! Terminology can be a maze and the workshop explains some of the more important terminology and concepts that a brand owner should understand when briefing their agency.
Delegates will have the opportunity to use various pieces of software themselves and set up accounts either for themselves or for their brands (or both). They will also set up a blog during the workshop and upload their first post.

Examples of Terminology covered:

  • CMS, Feedburner, Feed Reader, RSS, Chicklets, Search Engine Optimisation, Title Tag, Keyword Density, Wordpress, Autoresponder, Ezine, Stickiness, Port 80, High Res v Low Res, Twitter, TinyURL, Creative Commons, Wiki, Etc, etc

If you are involved with internet marketing and much of this terminology is new to you, this workshop is definitely worth considering.

Who will benefit from this workshop?

The workshop is aimed at brand managers, marketing managers, communications managers, business owners and similar who are working with digital agencies or advertising/sales promotions agencies which use the internet as part of the mix. It will also be useful to anyone within the company who works with the internet as part of their role. The organisation will benefit by having better informed employees who can make more cost-effective use of their internet marketing budgets.
On a personal level, delegates will learn a great deal which they can use in their leisure use of the internet.

What will the delegates take away from the workshop?

Delegates will have a much better understanding of the various internet concepts and terminology covered. This will place them in a much stronger position to discuss internet strategy with their agencies and they will be able to select the best tools to use in future campaigns. Most importantly, they will be better able to judge the ‘value add’ of each proposal and decide which is best for their brand’s objectives.
They will also have had the opportunity to set up their own accounts with some of the suppliers so will benefit from these after the workshop. A comprehensive pack of course notes will be distributed to each delegate


The one day workshop can be run at any location.  Content can be tailored to suit a specific brand/company requirement. Cost is dependant on the amount of personalisation required.


For more details or to book a workshop please contact Rob Horlock:
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