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Project Management - Full Time or Part Time

Project Management

Effective Efficiency can help you in this area in two main ways. Firstly, we can coach your staff in Project Management principles and set up the administrative framework for your team - documents, templates, structure, etc.

Alternatively, if your resources are stretched to the point where you need additional assistance, we can manage projects for you, on a contract basis. Projects can be managed on a full time basis or part time. If working on a part time basis, typically we would work on your project for 1 to 3 days per week. We would charge a day rate, so you would be getting external resource for the duration of the project, at a very affordable cost.

Benefits of Part Time Project Management:

  • Your staff are not tied up with Project Management issues, they are free to do the job that you pay them to do
  • You will have the external resource to manage the project at less cost to you than a full time project manager
  • We will always give you an objective view of the project status, risks and issues

Typical assignments could include:

  • Managing key projects
  • Review of business processes
  • Documenting existing processes
  • Devise a Project Management methodology that suits your organisation's culture
  • Review of your Quality Management System
  • Review your compliance with statutory bodies (SOX, for example)
  • etc

Typically, our Project Managers will be Prince2 qualified, though you may not use the full Prince2 methodology. You may not use a methodology at all, in which case we can asist you to develop a (simple) method of managing projects which works for you.

If you would like to find out more about our cost-effective project management service, please contact us:

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