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Team Effectiveness - Understanding each other

Teamworking effectiveness

Using analysis from the pre-prepared questionnaires, delegates gain a greater insight into their own personality traits, increasing their self-awareness. They each identify their strengths/development areas and those of their colleagues (subject to agreement with the group).

Who fits where? How does the team work together? In light of the results, what could be done to enable the team to become more efficient? It is important that the group agree the way forward among themselves. To faciliate this, a number of exercises and techniques will be covered. These will be agreed prior to the session but may include:

  • Shared Values
  • RACI matrix
  • Team Skills matrix
  • Eating Corn on the Cob
  • My World/Your World
  • Group Communication
  • Others as agreed

So What? - individuals consider how knowing more about each other will help them to work together more effectively

This workshop applies equally to physical teams, virtual teams and any group who need to work together, regardless of reporting lines.

Typically, this is a 1 day workshop.

Completion of this workshop may be an end in itself, or lead to the the next stage - From Coping to Contributing


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