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1 day interactive workshop:

'Project Management Principles for non project managers' - NimbleProject©


Most of us spend our time working on ‘discrete pieces of work’ rather than repetitive tasks. This work has a definedProject Management course for non project managers beginning, a defined end and produces something as a result of our efforts. Usually, these pieces of work will involve inputs from other people and teams, which may be inside, or outside, of our own organisation.
These pieces of work are actually ‘Projects’, though they are not often thought of as such. Unless you are a Project Manager, you probably find yourself managing these ‘Projects’ with no formal training in project management techniques and you manage the work in the way that it was done by the person before you who gave you a brief handover before they moved on to their next role. Sound familiar?

the NimbleProject© workshop

This hands on workshop is designed to give managers who have no formal project management training a grounding in project management techniques.
The NimbleProject© format covers the most important techniques, tools, reports and considerations from the world of project management and is presented in a simplified format which is more appropriate to the types of projects normally carried out by non project managers.
Throughout the day, delegates will work on their own ‘work specific’ project, using the techniques covered, to give them a flying start when they return to their day job.

The 1 day NimbleProject© Workshop covers:

  • Project Definition
  • Project Setup
  • What is Project Management?
  • Time v Cost v Quality
  • The Project Lifecycle
  • The Project team
  • Project Planning
  • Risks and Issue Management
  • Managing the Quality of the Deliverables
  • Project Reporting
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Avoiding Scope Creep
  • Project Delivery
  • Evaluation and Review
  • Closing a Project
  • Project Management Software

Prior to the workshop, delegates will be asked to think about a project that they are currently running or which is about to start. This will be used by the delegate as a live example throughout the sessions and the various tools, forms and report templates introduced during the day will be applied to the specific project.

Workshop content may be amended to cover the specific needs of an organisation. This might include specific techniques, reports and terminology used within the organisation. The workshop can also be extended to run over 2 or 3 days dependent on the content requirement.

Who will benefit from this workshop?

The workshop is aimed at people who work on projects but who are not formally trained project managers. They may work in any department of the organisation. They may be new starters or employees who have been in their role for some time; all will benefit from attending a NimbleProject© workshop. They will learn how to manage their projects more effectively, how to control their work and keep it on track, how to keep stakeholders informed and much more.
A NimbleProject© workshop is also beneficial to anyone who is new to Project Manager and who would like to learn the basic principles before embarking on a formal project management training programme.
The organisation will benefit from employees who are more efficient at managing their work, ensuring that projects have a fighting chance of being completed on time, within budget and that outputs match the quality requirements.

What will the delegates take away from the workshop?

Delegates will have a much better understanding of the various concepts, tools and techniques used in project management which they can apply in their day to day role. Electronic versions of Form templates and Report templates used during the workshop can be downloaded.
These templates will also be used during the workshop to update with live information relating to the delegate’s chosen project and these can be used back in the workplace as the live project progresses. This will help to embed the NimbleProject© techniques into the delegate’s daily work and encourage him/her to continue to use these skills on future projects.


The one day workshop can be run at any location.  Content can be tailored to suit a specific brand/company requirement .Cost is dependent on the amount of personalisation required.


For more details or to book a workshop please contact Rob Horlock:
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